So this is Japan

I realize that I haven’t posted in over month, but it’s not necessarily because I’ve been busy. Oh no, I literally just got Internet.

Technically I’ve had access to Internet (on my iPhone) since day 3 or something, but it’s really hard to type and upload pictures on a phone. I’ve had so much to say and show you, but I just didn’t have the means. Today, that changed! I now have a full page list of things I need to write, so let’s get started, shall we?

I still don’t believe that I’m here. For a while, coming to Japan seemed like a fantasy, something I couldn’t actually attain. It’s been a month now, and I still get dizzy with excitement. Though I haven’t done a lot yet, I’ve compiled a small list of my initial observations:

1. Japan really is beautiful. I live right on the coast, and I’m surrounded by mountains. Certain views around here are breathtaking.

2. I am a little bit in love with Japanese cosmetics. And convenience store (conbini) food. The latter is turning out to be a problem for my waistline.

3. People really are super nice (for the most part). I feel so…taken care of.

4. People throw food at me here as well. Small family restaurants give me free dessert, the teachers at the schools buy me drinks and give me numerous cookies “for later”, even the students present me with food gifts. I really don’t know how everyone here isn’t fat.

5. Scuba diving. Really scary.

6. Driving in Japan. Not so scary. Surprisingly.

7. It’s been raining a lot. This is a problem because I would like to run to combat number 2. I thought I was supposed to lose weight here…

8. I love my students. Even the creepy ones who call me Kori (with no sensei) and blow kisses at me. It feels good being kinda famous, even if it is only because I’m foreign. Which brings me to number 9…

9. I’m foreign, obviously. But to elementary school kids, this is the coolest thing ever. Some of them ask me to speak English.  Some of them ask if I can speak Japanese, to which I immediately say “I don’t understand Japanese at all” in Japanese. This is pretty funny. Also, I have blue eyes and white skin which is pretty freakin’ cool apparently, but not quite as cool as having a “high” nose. Being in Japan as made me hyper -aware of things I never even thought about. I don’t think it’s weird or wrong though. It’s just different. Like pretty much everything here.

10. Why, why are the speed limits so slow?!

I think coming here with an open mind and few expectations was the best thing I could do. I read plenty about Japanese culture and customs before coming, but not everything always applies. I am, so far, quite happy, even if I don’t always know what’s going on. More posts soon!


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