Why I’m getting fat

I knew Japanese food was good, but I didn’t think I’d be this obsessed with it. I kid you not, I probably gained 10 pounds in the first few weeks of being here. But everything is so good! Also, I was kind of in vacation mode, and I had to try everything I came in contact with at restaurants, grocery stores, and especially the ever-popular Japanese コンビニ (convenient store). Here are a few pictures of the things I have consumed here.

Okay, so not a lot of pictures. Usually when I sit down for a meal, I’m more concerned with eating it than taking a picture of it. Sorry! I would like to talk about a few of my new favorite foods though!

First of all, I never would have thought that curry bread (カレーパン)would be appetizing, much less freakin’ awesome. Seriously, this stuff is good, and there was a week when I ate it everyday. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: bread filled with curry. Japanese-style curry…which, in my honest opinion, is better than Indian curry. It’s beefy, but sweet. Curry rice is also delicious.

I’m also a huge fan of more traditional Japanese foods like sashimi and onigiri and natto. Yea, that’s right, natto (納豆). It’s also kind of sweet to me. But I think I might have messed up taste buds, because apparently, foreigners are supposed to hate natto. For those of you that don’t know, natto is fermented soy beans, and it looks like this:

納豆:sticky, fermented goodness

Probably more appealing to Westerns are Japanese sweets. Pocky is really tasty and comes in many different flavors like Cookies and Cream and my favorite Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky. I’m also slightly in love with きのこの山 (kinoko no yama), these cute little mushroom-shaped cookies with flavored chocolate tops! Mmm. Also delicious are Japanese breads, especially the sweet ones. These you can buy at French style bakeries, the grocery store (usually), and of course convenience stores. I blame my weight gain on convenience stores, by the way. They are so so good, but so so evil. Also, there’s one literally attached to my apartment. You can’t get more convenient/dangerous than that.

There are so many more foods that I could talk about, but I’ve got things to do! Perhaps I will make food posts a mini-series (I need to devote an entire post to school lunch eventually). Let me know what you think! Also, what Japanese foods do you like?


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