Summer Fireworks

This is really late, as summer is already over, but I wanted to show you anyway. Fireworks and summers in Japan need each other. Summer festivals are extremely popular, and they almost always feature extensive fireworks shows. Shibushi’s, in particular, is quite long and very elaborate. Apparently it’s one of the best in the area. So without further adieu, here is a short video of the Shibushi Minato Festival’s Hanabi Daikai!


3 thoughts on “Summer Fireworks

  1. Hi Kori!
    I have a question for you… how did go to Japan? I mean, you studied to be an english teacher and moved to Japan or how did you do it? Because I really want to go to Japan, and if it’s possible, stay there and get a job!

    • Hi Naye!

      I’m currently here as an assistant language teacher (ALT) with the JET Programme. If you’re interested in teaching, I highly suggest looking into it! Though I did study English and wanted to be a teacher in America too, you don’t need to have any particular qualifications to be a JET, just a college degree!

      There are definitely other ways to get here and get a job, but the JET Programme is pretty safe and you’ll make a good amount of money. Plus, it can open the door to other opportunities in Japan! Good luck!

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