Single Chair

Sometimes, we do things we don’t want to because we know they are good for us. Sometimes human interaction is overwhelming and painful and hard. Life is hard. But sometimes we make ourselves do the things we don’t want to because we have to, and it all ends up being okay.

I made myself go to this party, even though I didn’t want to. And somewhere between dancing to Bob Marley and writing in my journal that night, I realized that sometimes you really just have to pull yourself together and put on your happy face. Just be happy.

That moment probably came when we were sitting outside and talking about pain. Everyone has pain, but what you do with it is what makes the difference. Across from our table there was another, with just a single chair. It was facing us, and the porch light shone directly on to it. It was just sort of perfect. Sometimes life puts us in this single isolated chair, facing everyone else. What we do in that chair–how we react with the light and the people looking at us–says a lot about who we are. I’m trying really hard to not let that pressure of being watched from the chair cause me to run away.

So I’m taking some inspiration from these pictures I took of some friends, all of whom are doing quite well in that chair I think.



Summer in the City [夏スタイル]

On Saturday, I went to Miyazaki City to studying for an upcoming test with a friend.


We only went to study and hang out, but I don’t go into the city often, so I naturally dressed for the occasion. Plus, I just bought this new hat from Asos and wanted to wear it. And yes, once again, I’m wearing all black. I can’t help it!

今梅雨なんですけど、この日は晴れましたから、この新しい帽子を被りたかったです。Asosというサイトで買いました! 送料無料でした。やっぱり夏なんですけど、真っ黒です。

This season really is all about crop tops and high-waisted shorts. I prefer the classic version. This pair of shorts is from H&M.Miyazaki 061I love this red bag. It’s the Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-zip, and it goes so well with black and white assembles. It’s just my style! 

このバッグはお気に入りです。レベッカミンコフのMini 5 Zip。最近、福岡に店できて、うれしいです!

Miyazaki 065こちら、私の大好きなユキナです。いい友達で、可愛くないですか!?

Miyazaki 070

Until next time, kisses from Kina and Kori!

今回、写真が少なくて、言いたいことあまりないですから。。。またね! (笑)




Items worn:

Hat: Whistles Wide Brim Sun Hat- Asos

Shirt: Wego

Shorts: H&M

Sunglasses: Zara

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-zip