Tokyo Disney Resort: The Happiest Place…in Asia? Part I

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my friend and I went to the Tokyo Disney Parks for a magically festive holidays! We’ve been talking about going for a while, so it only seemed right to go on two of the busiest and romantic days of the year! (That may sound sarcastic because it is, but it was amazing and beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for anything!)

Christmas Eve was Disney Sea, the park unique to Tokyo.


Here are Rae and I entering the park!

funny faces for Christmas!

Many funny face selfies for your enjoyment

The first day I decided not to bring my DSLR so most of these pictures are selfies. I’m really sorry. The whole park was decorated for Christmas, and each area had its own Christmas tree!

cached466088398 cached-331429300cached240522254

Disney Sea is also the place to meet all the characters. My favorite was Jeminy Cricket, but we saw quite a few other (lesser) characters as well.

IMG_20141224_085341 IMG_20141224_123700 IMG_20141224_095622

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Then, of course, there was the food. Tokyo Disney has various popcorn flavors, meat bun type snacks, and the famous Little Green Man (little cream filled mochi-type dumplings). Everything was so good! Sea also serves alcohol, so it’s a little more adult-friendly.


tiger tail chicken bun


chocolate, strawberry, and custard


delicious aliens




Mickey churros

We ate way too much.

Here are some other pictures (mostly of us acting like complete children).


1. Ride the Toy Story Mania ride. Race to the Fast Pass ticket booth as soon as you enter the park (it’s to the left of the gates, near the American Waterfront) and get your Fast Pass!

2. Fast Passes are free. There are machines near each ride that give you passes with a return time on them. Return to the ride in the time given and pass the long lines!

3. Sea has fewer rides than Disneyland, but the atmosphere is really nice and seems more mature. There is a cocktail lounge in the ship, and it’s amazing.

4. Christmas time is busy at Disney, but the shows and decorations make up for it! Check it out if you’re in the area next year!


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