Stepping Stones

I wrote this song for the band I’m in. I’m still trying to work out the second verse, but I’ve grown to be quite fond of this little tune. Special thanks to the boys that helped bring it to life.

I wanted to be a hair on your head
So I could go anywhere you did
Or pull out your teeth, wear ’em on a string
So you couldn’t eat without me

All I wanted was everything
Somehow you consumed me

I wanted to die by your side
Looking into those eyes
Like black stepping stones to your dark soul I tried to light
Once they flickered
But went out, like the fire you let die
I know now
All that’s love isn’t always right

My you have such deep eyes
All the better to deceive me
And it’s true I once believed the lies
Thought I could make you happy

All I wanted was you babe
But we burned out so easy
All I wanted was everything
Somehow you consumed me


You left but left that fire burning
And I couldn’t put it out
I all but begged, sick sick yearning
But it’s flickering now, burning out

And I wanted to die in your eyes
Black stones and pretty lights
Watching stars on hot summer nights
Yeah, the shoot across the sky
They flicker then burn out
Like the love you let die
Well I know now

It’s flickering now, burning out
Is it flickering now? Are we burning out?




Jeffrey Campbell

Heather be