a day in the park

The weather as been perfect lately, and to be honest I’ve needed some quality time to relax, so last weekend I spent all day Sunday strolling around Fukuoka’s famous Ohori and Maizuru Parks. The ducks and turtles are out playing; and the wisteria and yaezakura are beautiful.

Lazying about the park can be tiring though, so after a few hours of doing nothing but trying to get the perfect shot of a turtle, I went to my favorite restaurant in Fukuoka, Evah Dining. It’s a macrobiotic vegan restaurant, but their meat alternatives are so good I dream about them. I can’t recommend it enough to both vegans and meat-eaters. Please check it out if you’re ever in Fukuoka! (I never did get my shot of the turtle though…)


I also took some videos. If you want to see what the parks and restaurant are like, check it out!



My Fukuoka Apartment

Because I had so few plans for my short vacation, I had a lot of time to make videos. I now present to you my new and improved Japanese apartment. It’s nothing compared to the glory of American homes, but I think it’s my favorite thing about my new life. Enjoy!



明けましておめでとう!Or as they say in Texas: Happy New Year, y’all.


Work was insane in December. We were super busy because the kids are out of public school, and a few teachers got sick on our busiest day. Needless to say, it was exhausting. However, it is now holiday season in Japan, and I’m off until the 4th. I made zero plans this year, so I’ve mostly been hanging around my house, watching horrible movies, and lightly cleaning my apartment. Riveting, I know.

Today I actually left my house and did what is know as 初詣(hatsumoude-the first shrine visit of the New Year), where everyone goes to a shrine to pray and receive their yearly fortunes. I took a little video so you can see somewhat how it happens.


As  you can see, I pulled pretty good luck from the おみくじ (fortune teller), so I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty good year.


I hope everyone’s holidays have been great, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!!IMG_9664