Summer staple sandals/tacky tourist chic

I am not a big summer shoe person. I despise flip-flops and love boots. However, when I saw these flatform slip-ons, I was instantly converted. I’m also super into sandals with socks, so I’ve been experimenting with these new babies. I can tell I’m gonna be wearing these all summer.


sandals: Jeffrey Campbell
shorts: wego
sweater top: Brandy Melville
lace gown: Heather

Now that they’re broken in, they are super comfortable. The process of getting them there was bloody, but we’re the best of friends now!

Here I paired them with some dinosaur socks for the ultimate tacky tourist look haha! What are you into this summer? Crop tops? Lace? Huge sandals? Let me know!



Stepping Stones

I wrote this song for the band I’m in. I’m still trying to work out the second verse, but I’ve grown to be quite fond of this little tune. Special thanks to the boys that helped bring it to life.

I wanted to be a hair on your head
So I could go anywhere you did
Or pull out your teeth, wear ’em on a string
So you couldn’t eat without me

All I wanted was everything
Somehow you consumed me

I wanted to die by your side
Looking into those eyes
Like black stepping stones to your dark soul I tried to light
Once they flickered
But went out, like the fire you let die
I know now
All that’s love isn’t always right

My you have such deep eyes
All the better to deceive me
And it’s true I once believed the lies
Thought I could make you happy

All I wanted was you babe
But we burned out so easy
All I wanted was everything
Somehow you consumed me


You left but left that fire burning
And I couldn’t put it out
I all but begged, sick sick yearning
But it’s flickering now, burning out

And I wanted to die in your eyes
Black stones and pretty lights
Watching stars on hot summer nights
Yeah, the shoot across the sky
They flicker then burn out
Like the love you let die
Well I know now

It’s flickering now, burning out
Is it flickering now? Are we burning out?




Jeffrey Campbell

Heather be

Fall/Winter 2014 [秋・冬] = Oxblood Jeans

Japan is amazing, because unlike Texas, there are actually four distinct seasons. It has recently gotten quite chilly here, so I had to pick up a few warmer pieces.



I found these high-waisted pants for ridiculously cheap at H&M. Granted, they aren’t the most flattering on my body shape, but I sort of kind of don’t care. The oxblood color is perfect for this season!

I paired them with some Jeffrey Campbell boots (complete with frilly socks!) and a few different tops to suit the weather outside.


We all know fall can be a little bipolar weather wise; mornings are chilly and the afternoons can be warm, so I first tried these pants with this interesting cutout T-shirt from Asos and a vintage beret.




Next, I thought these pants would look awesome with this amazing retro cardigan I found at a resale shop. It’s just funky enough to spice up a plain outfit.

次は、Grapefruit Moonの古着屋で買ったセーターを着ました。こういうヴィンテージセーター大好きです。着るといつも”お洒落じゃない”と思ってます。



Last, I threw on my favorite over-sized cream cardigan. This look is probably my favorite because it’s super fall and super comfortable.



Item description:

black cutout top: Asos

pants: H&M

beret: vintage

boots: Jeffrey Campbell

cream cardigan: Urban Outfitters



Thanks for reading!



Studs and Stripes

I’m obsessed with stripes. I never go out looking for them, but I’m constantly drawn to clothes with those black and white bands.

Here’s the first of two looks using stripes as the focus. The first is a summery look, because here in Kagoshima, it’s still unbearably hot and humid.


I paired this Zara playsuit (yes! It’s shorts!) with an oversized Asos sunhat, Tatty Devine lollipop necklace, and a Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag. All made ever so slightly naughty with my Jeffrey Campbell spike Litas.




Stripes are classic, and luckily for me, look great in all seasons. But then again I’d wear all black all year round if I could…

That being said, I am so ready for warmer weather. I’m tired of bare arms and sweating. Stay tuned for a more fall ready look!

What I’m wearing:
Playsuit: Zara
Hat: Asos
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Sakura Season

cherry blossom

The cherry blossoms (or sakura 桜)  are long gone from Japan. In Kagoshima, they bloom around late March and disappear two weeks later. For so many people, these flowers mark the end of an old year and the beginning of a new. They did much the same for me. But that’s another story.


The light pink of the blossoms should inspire a new spring/summer palette of pastels or bright colors. But nothing brings them out better than monocromatic outfits and neutrals.



This is the most stereotypical spring of my outfits. Without the sweater, it’s sweet and delicate, but the sweater makes it more casual and carefree, like spring should be.

Shorts: H&M

Top: H&M

Cardigan sweater: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target


I believe in black year round. Yohji Yamamoto said it best: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.

To make black more inviting and warm weather-ready, add a light colored scarf and white shoes. And shorts of course.

Shorts: H&M (same as above)

Top: Zara

Scarf: H&M

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Foxy



If you’re a bit sportier, Adidas jackets are perfect. This one features an all-over rose pattern, but alas! it’s still black and so effortlessly cool. Also, everyone needs a pear of Converse. That is all.

Jacket: addidas

Top: moussy

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor



I love the contrast of the delicate petals and the studs on my shoes. Pair these with an ineresting black dress like this one from Free People, and you are ready for whatever new life you have in mind.

Dress: FreePeople

Flats: Michael Kors


Thanks to Shane Allen at CarmelloVision for the photos!